One of the greatest things about a weekend in Inverness is that it’s such a dang close adventure! I love a good getaway that takes only an hour or two in the car to get to & yet feels like a completely real vacation that’s a wonderful & relaxing weekend out of town.

This is our second time spending a week out of the summer in Inverness & we’ve spent both of these visits in a lovely little house right on the water (rented through vrbo!), golden light streaming in through the front window. Last year we saw a baby red fox & both stays we’ve enjoyed watching the woodpeckers in the trees right outside.

The quiet house we stay in has a great couch & some sunlights & I’ve spent some thoroughly enjoyable hours napping in the afternoon. But never fear: as much as I love a great vacation nap, this is definitely NOT the only attraction in Inverness! This place is gorgeous & there are some absolutely fabulous adventures in the area. (I swear!)

View from our Cabin in Inverness, California //

This famous boat is a major photo destination point. Do a search of Tomales Bay or Pt. Reyes station & you are SURE to find a ton of different images. I highly recommend stopping by though – it’s fun to see an old boat lodged into the sand & lit up with golden light while you have a view of almost the entire bay, it’s actually absolutely breathtaking.  I’ve shared the spot with other photographers plenty of times, but the second time we stopped by we were the only ones! (Want to visit? Find it on Google Maps right here.)

The classic wooden Pt. Reyes Boat, beached in  Inverness, California //

Right next to the boat, everywhere along the roada, & right outside our house are bushes full of blackberries. I got pinched a bit while trying to pick the best of the bush, but they were sweet & juicy & well worth the effort. They stained my fingers & tongue blue… & tasted just like summer (read: absolutely DELICIOUS!) (I was just there, so if you’re planning to go & want to taste delicious fresh-off-the-vine blackberries, you can expect them to be there in mid-July ish.)

Freshly picked blackberries, right off of the bush in  Inverness, California //

If you’re looking for less fresh-off-the-bush snacks, Perry’s Deli is fine for lunch. Their sandwiches were a little intense (& expensive) for me, but their burritos were delicious (& more realistically priced). Cafe Reyes was a favorite for wood-fired pizza last summer, although the family went before I arrived & I didn’t get a chance to visit again this year.

On Saturday morning, Sam & I went to town early to walk around Pt. Reyes & see the goings on. The Farmer’s Market was in full swing, which made the whole place busy & perfect for people watching! It’s a smaller market, but they have lots of yummy looking vegetables & one stand had a whole basket of impressive (& amazingly fragrant) lavender bunches!

While wandering, I sipped on a nice hot coffee from the Bovine Bakery. It’s a cute little spot with some outdoor seating around the corner. Their chocolate croissant has the most chocolate I’ve ever had in one of those; if that’s your thing, that place is for you!

I gotta say though: with all of the farms & fresh produce, I’d get a place with a kitchen & just cook your own meals. I think it’s much tastier & definitely a shorter wait compared to pretty much anywhere you could get a table in the area. Has anybody else been here & have some good recs for food that will blow me away? (I don’t like oysters, although they’re famous for them here. Again, if that’s your thing… )

Sunset view from Highway One on the way home from Inverness, California //

Mostly, I spent the whole day outside both days, lounging on the sand at Shell Beach. It’s in a little cove right on Tomales Bay & it gets nice & hot in the sunshine. I love lying on the sand & getting to hot & then braving the slightly chilly but still absolutely wonderful water. There’s a little dock that’s fun to swim out to, & I really (really really) enjoy drying off & then doing dives & cannon balls & somersaults into the water until I want to swim back.

The lovely photo at the end of this post, above, was taken from a turn out off on Highway One on my way back down South towards San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, & Half Moon Bay. It’s an absolutely gorgeous drive, especially during golden hour or sunset (but beware: a TON of people drive it a LOT slower than speed limit… argh).

That’s all, folks! Get yourself up here for the weekend (or longer!)! It’s beautiful, quiet, & perfect for relaxing, exploring, & breathing lots of fresh oxygen.

p.s. I desperately want to head back to visit Drake’s Beach, take a really long hike in the hills along the bay, & go kayaking (they make it difficult to rent, unless you want to take a long & expensive safety course; I plan on bringing a personal kayak next time). All of these fun things are options, just so you know can know & plan for yourself!

Photography: Simone Anne

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