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Let’s spend a minute talking about bravery.

The way I see it, bravery is not something that comes easily. Simply put, if it comes easily, it isn’t bravery. Fearlessness is easy for some people. Extreme adventuring doesn’t seem nerve wracking. Long distance hiking isn’t the unknown. Venturing off alone isn’t something that’s never been done before.

But if it isn’t scary, you don’t need to be brave to accomplish it. And, honestly, props to all you amazing people who do things that make me scared so easily, but I know you each have things that freak you out as well. And, no question about it, bravery is where it’s at.

It’s the “facing the fear” part of Wild that makes this memoir one of my new favorite books. Always in this book, Cheryl is brave.

On her grand backpacking adventure, from a book review: Wild, by Cheryl Strayed // WeAreAdventure.us

She goes off on a grand adventure, reminding us again & again how much she must work to convince herself that she’s really not afraid. She describes moments of absolute terror, decisions that are totally uninformed, & grief that is life changing. & she does it all in one of the most honest voices I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a while.

On her grand backpacking adventure, from a book review: Wild, by Cheryl Strayed // WeAreAdventure.us

I went into Wild’s first pages thinking it would be a story about hiking. It totally is, but it’s also so much more than that: the story of life & how life changing a good adventure can really be. Cheryl was stupid at times (I say that lovingly), crazy, dedicated, & lucky.  And she was brave. So very very brave.

I don’t want to give any of the plot away, but this book is an absolute pleasure to read: I laughed, I cried (no, really), & I finished it quickly without ever wanting it to end.

(Read the book.)Book Review: Wild, by Cheryl Strayed // WeAreAdventure.us


More great photos from Cheryl’s life & journey that you’ll love especially if you’ve already read the book can be found here. I also love (& recommend checking out) this fab little graphic review of the book! (It’s cute.)

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Photography via various sources & originally from Cheryl.

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