My weekend at Savor the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo definitely started off right! The first day we were there, we enjoyed a tour of a local farm, right in the Morro Bay area. It was a beautiful sunny day & the farmer himself showed us around his farm.

An accountant in his prior life, he “woke up” one day to realize that staring at an Excel sheet was just not what he wanted to do with his life. He’d visited the SLO area of California before & was totally in love with it. I want to live there, he though. & so he did.

Avocado Tour & a Farm-to-Table Lunch at Shanley Farms, in California //

It was fun hearing him talk about the decision, actually. He says he ended up decided to buy a farm because he’s cheap. “I wanted the land to pay for itself,” he said. Farming is really (really) hard work, but it certainly seems like he’s making ends more than meet, I am happy to report.

They grow two things on their farm: Avocados & finger limes. The avocados are amazing; because of the temperate climate in the area, they can leave them on the tree longer without having them go bad. This means that they have extra growing time on the tree & are therefore able to have a higher fat concentration in each avocado… which means they’re super amazing & delicious. *yum*

Avocado Tour & a Farm-to-Table Lunch at Shanley Farms, in California //

The finger limes are also super cool. A transplant from Australia, they’re best described as “citrus caviar.” Instead of pulp inside of your lime, like you’re used to, these little limes have teeny tiny balls of citrus that literally look exactly like caviar. Instead of squeezing them in the lime & just getting the juice on your food, you squeeze the little balls out in tact & then burst them in your mouth while you’re chewing.

We had fresh fish at our farm-to-table dinner & I was excited to try some of the limes on top. It’s such an interesting way to edit the flavor of a dish because it actually changes while you’re eating it, instead of being a done deal once it’s on your plate. Super interesting & I’ll definitely want to get my hands on these little limes again!

It was also interesting hearing him talk about all the things a farm in California has to think about these days. Things like water (important & scarce) & undocumented immigrants (or those with fake papers) (also interesting & super important). Regarding that, he says, “Californians wouldn’t eat without undocumented immigrants.” 

Avocado Tour & a Farm-to-Table Lunch at Shanley Farms, in California //

Wasn’t the table pretty? I loved lunch in the sunshine, the food was amazing, the farm was a great place to explore, the farmer was really interesting & the view from our lunch spot was absolutely stunning. Yes, please, I’ll go back! 😉

Special thanks for Morro Bay Tourism for hosting such a lovely event!

Photography: Simone Anne

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