I leave TODAY for a trip that I feel like I’ve been waiting six months to take. Sean, master trip planner, photographer, fab time lapse videographer (see here), & one of my best friends has really outdone himself with this one, which he’s dubbed the ÜBER TRIP (V2).

We’ll be driving a TON (33 hours, approximately), since I’m flying down to Santa Ana this afternoon & then we’ll leave Saturday morning before sunrise from Huntington Beach. We’re leaving so early because we’re aiming to be in our first destination by the time the sun is getting ready to set. As photographers, it’s imperative that we capture as many sunrises (yes!) & sunsets on our trip as possible. The beginning & end of the day are kind of like photographer currency, you know? Gotta cash that in. 😉

Our MASSIVE Upcoming Roadtrip through Arizona, Utah, & more! // WeAreAdventure.us

This stunning photo was just taken a few days ago at Mesa Arch in Utah. It’s been snowing there (it’s so cold!) & the snow is actually sticking to the ground. Can you believe how stunning it is? We’re hoping the snow continues to stay on the ground & looks amazing while we are there as well. Can you blame us? A view like that is SURELY worth freezing our asses off!

… & yes, speaking of, we’ll be freezing our asses off. I have new warm gloves, standby favorite warm jackets, a good hat, silk underwear, jackets, long sleeved wool layers, warm socks, a goods scarf, etc. etc. Wish me luck staying warm! (Although, the second I start hiking, I imagine those layers will be coming right off! (Let’s hope, anyways…)

Mesa Arch, Utah, Photo by Jacob W. Frank // WeAreAdventure.us

Photograph above by Jacob W. Frank

We’ll also be visiting Goblin Valley, in Utah (where those dumbasses toppled one of these fantastic hoodoos – ugh). I’m really looking forward to this as the last time I saw anything similar was when we were in Bryce Canyon. Walking along the ridge of the canyon with my parents, it started to rain. As we made our way home, we ALMOST got hit by lightening. I was about eleven or twelve, but it’s definitely one of those experiences that I’ll never forget! (More on that another day though.)

I think these fun rock sculptures are going to be especially interesting to photograph. Even during the day the’ll look cool, when they cast weird shadows along the ground & look formidable standing far above us.

Goblin Valley, Utah // WeAreAdventure.us

Photograph above sourced here

Of course, I may be even more excited about Monument Valley, which is a seriously STUNNING place. Can you imagine driving through this? I think the ocean makes me feel small & sets me right, but I think I’m about to find a valley that does the same. Wow. I’m in awe over this place. Of course, many props to the photographer, Dominique Palombi, who made this photo have the power that it does!

The Mittens, Monument Valley, Arizona, Photograph by Dominique Palombieri // WeAreAdventure.us

Photograph above by Dominique Palombi

Last but certainly not least: Havasu Falls. I think of all of the places that we’re visiting on this trip, this has been my number one dream destination throughout the entire planning process. There is just something insanely magical about the color of that water & then paired with the red of the rock? I’m swooning over it & plan on looking at this view for the whole time that I’m awake while here. Seriously though. What an amazing waterfall!

We’ve talked about swimming once we get here, just to say we have, but I’m worried about how cold the water is. I’ve packed a swim suit, but in the interest of not getting hypothermia, I’ll see what happens when I arrive. 😉

Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, Arizona // WeAreAdventure.us

Photograph above by Thomas Dawson

Getting TO Havasu Falls is going to be a journey though. It’s ten miles each way & there’s a gain of 3,000 feet on the way in! Sean says to practice (yes) & I’ve been working out a lot recently (more on that later), but I’m still a bit worried. I’ve NEVER (!!!) been on a backpacking trip before, let alone one that’s that long, that much of an altitude change, & with so much camera gear on my back! Yikes! Wish me luck! (I’m sure I’ll be fine…)

That’s our trip! We won’t have service much of the trip, but I do have posts lined up here for you guys for all of next week (impressed? you should be! haha) & I’ll post on Instagram when I can (i.e. when I have service, battery in my phone, fingers that are warm enough to type, & am stuck in the car). Other than that, I’ll be stomping through the snow & the not snow, taking SO. MANY. PHOTOS. & breathing in the fresh, cold, amazing air. Those views are going to be STUNNING in real life & I seriously cannot wait to leave. Ahh!

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