I hate to sound like a used car salesman ever, but I did just want to pop in & let you know what turned out to be the best trick ever for my big Über Trip of 2013. As you well know, it was freezing. Our trip record for the lowest temperature we experienced was eleven degrees Fahrenheit. Yep, eleven. Our water bottles froze over completely almost every single night.

Frozen Water Bottle in Utah during December // WeAreAdventure.us

I looked like a marshmallow the whole entire trip, bundled up in a bajillion jackets (like eight), but I mostly stayed warm. One key piece was my new gloves, purchased right before the trip.

How to Save Money on Great Gear, like Nice Warm Gloves // WeAreAdventure.us

Sam & I popped into REI to pick up my water bottles (two liters) & some new gloves right before I left. Almost all of the gloves for sale were in the price range of $50-$60 which was, frankly waaaay more than I had anticipated spending on something that seemed as small as just gloves. In typical fashion, I started getting annoyed at my options & almost walked out without gloves (which would have been awful. really.).

BUT THEN, I realized that being small had the greatest advantage in this moment. I needed a size small pair of gloves to fit my hands properly OR an extra large children’s pair.

Guess what? Children’s gloves of the same quality & warmth are only about $25. Take it from me, ladies, & try on the kids’ stuff for big savings. Yipee!

* All images by Simone Anne. Please do not reproduce without permission. Thanks! 🙂

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