I’ve written a lot about Half Moon Bay. This place is pure magic & growing up here, exploring here, & living here has been so very wonderful.

I mean, come on, check out that beach, at sunset. I look at this photo & think, yes, that is a world class place.

Sunset at Surfer's Beach, California // WeAreAdventure.us

I also think about how this beach was also where I started dating my first boyfriend, sort of, & where we would hang out & kiss quite often, too. After school on a weekday, there are no tourists & quite often, you have this place to yourself. I grew up here. On this specific beach. It’s a place in the world that means a LOT to me & I would do a lot to protect this place & keep it, well, clean & unspoiled & undeveloped & beachy.

Sunset at Surfer's Beach, California // WeAreAdventure.us

On my 17th birthday, we celebrated on the sand right about here. It was a gorgeous day, unusual for February, & the sunset turned the whole sky completely purple. I very much remember the happiness of that day – a good celebration, a good day at the beach, & all of my closest friends gathered around me, just celebrating.

In my journal that night, I pronounced that day the best of my life so far & for many years afterwards continued to believe that. Perhaps in a way, I’ll never be so purely happy as you can at age 17, but I have experienced more than my fair share of joy since then, so no complaining here.

Sunset at Surfer's Beach, California // WeAreAdventure.us

On my eighteenth birthday, I cut class a little early to head here & enjoy the sand & the waves with some of my closest friends, many who had celebrated my 17th with me as well (another thing I loved & sometimes hated about growing up in such a small town was sharing the whole growing up experience with the same people).

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the sunshine & the waves, but skimboarding turned out to not be my friend & I ended up taking a nasty fall & breaking my bones. I have a very crisp memory of my friends carrying me across the highway still wearing my wetsuit & putting me into the backseat of my parents’ car to be carted off for casts & eventually a surgery on my poor ankle.

I looked out the window at the beach as we drove away & that birthday, too, became just another one of the millions of memories that have accumulated in this one very magical place.

Sunset at Surfer's Beach, California // WeAreAdventure.us

The nostalgia is hitting me now – I’m getting ready to reveal some big travel plans for 2014 & some news that I’m just trying to fully process before it goes out to the world. I can’t believe how much life changing stuff is happening to me right now, good grief! haha.

Anyways, all that “stuff on the horizon” is very exciting, but it’s always good to take a minute to remember where you’re from & allow yourself time to soak in your favorite place in the world & the one place I’ll always feel at home in. (I am a bit of a homebody, you know, despite the love of grand adventures.)

That’s all. Enjoy the ocean & the beach & my home. xx

* All images by Simone Anne. Please do not reproduce without permission. Thanks! 🙂

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