We’ve had a lot of really incredible sunsets in Half Moon Bay recently and it’s a good reminder to stop what you’re doing at any given moment and just appreciate. Something as simple as a sunset happens every single day and every single day they are incredible in their own way.

Just a little PSA: Don't stop appreciating amazing sunsets! // WeAreAdventure.us

I’ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks, heck in the last year!, which is simultaneously incredibly rewarding and a bit overwhelming. With all the time I’ve spent on the road recently (loving every second!), office days and home work days have been all go, all the time.

To help make this manageable, I’ve been focusing on sunsets. Sunsets and beach days and getting outside every single day. We’re spending the weekend on a mini backpacking trip at Henry Coe State Park and then heading up to Yosemite on Tuesday, because I can’t stop thinking about seeing that place in the snow, ASAP.

So that’s it. This is just a reminder for myself and hopefully now a reminder for you, too: It’s the little things that are big in life. Stop and appreciate them! xo

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