Sometimes when you get together with a new friend, it’s not about the photographs. Even when I meet new photographers that I’ve been hoping to connect with for a while (hey, Shelby!) we sometimes just want to hang out and not shoot a whole unintended portrait session, ya know? A lot of us do that for work, so it can be good to not do that sometimes.

The result? Images that are a bit different. We spent about ten minutes on this shot. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I leaned against a tree and tried not to breathe or move or shake or think. Shelby walked back and forth and back and forth until he was in just the right spot for my perfect shot that also didn’t have camera shake or any blurriness at all.

The real result? I love this ONE photo.

I saw a quote on Instagram the other day. I’ve searched and searched for it, but come up empty handed each time, so I’m going to give you the version I remember and apologies to whoever was brilliant enough to say it the first time because I’ve gone and lost your name.

“And so, travel has become the art of collecting photographs.” 

Travel is and should be and will be so much more than collecting photographs, but it sometimes takes deliberateness to actually make that happen. Don’t let your travels and experiences and your life, even if you’re a photographer, be dictated by which images you can make instead of the actual experiences you have on the way to making them. It’s not something that’s easy, especially in this world of instant sharing and online gratification, but it’s something we all gotta work on (myself included; don’t you worry, I’m reminding me, too, haha).

My parents were in Arizona earlier this year (okay, actually in 2014) for two weeks and they brought me back THREE photographs, taken, sometimes blurrily, on their flip phones. But damn, they had a good time. Let that be a reminder, Simone, let that be a reminder.

A single frame from exploring the forest in Half Moon Bay, California //

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