Summer means roadtrips. Winter could mean roadtrips, but it’s just not the same. Roadtrips are windows down, iced coffee, shorts, feet on the dashboard, and your camping stuff in the back. We actually do take roadtrips in the winter and I love them dearly and wouldn’t miss them for a moment. Roadtrips and camping trips and there’s (hot) coffee and all that.

But it’s just never the same to me. It’s wonderful, you bet, but winter roadtrips are not summer roadtrips and vice versa. You feel me, right?

Driving the Sonora Pass in California //

I’ve been missing that true roadtrip vibe recently so I dug these up for old time’s sake. Last summer, in the midst of the heat, we drove up to Bishop (one of our favorite places in the world) for a long backpacking trip. I’ve mentioned the trip before even though I’ve neglected to blog the damn thing – sorry! ack! I never edited my photos from that trip! Instead of driving through Yosemite like we usually do (although not the valley, so I usually can’t get my fix), we drove up and around. It was about the same length of time, definitely less people, and very very pretty.

This road stop, which we didn’t think would be much, turned out to be pretty incredible. Look at that reservoir! Wow.

Driving the Sonora Pass in California //

So anyways, summer, I miss you. Kind of. I’m certainly loving getting my winter fix, too…! xo

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